Raydium Liquidity
How to Add Liquidity to the CODI Pool on Raydium
We prepared a tutorial to help make the liquidity process of Raydium very easy and seamless. Follow the steps below to get acquainted on how to add liquidity. The first step is to proceed to Raydium DEX and connect your preferred SPL wallet, preferably Phantom wallet.
Then, you click on connect wallet and connect your SPL compatible wallet to the site. The next thing to do is to add the Serum ID manually with the details below in order to set limit orders to trade CODI token.
Serum market: 7ewFm6sVHtjpUvCVc1MNtwLuKtidDZLYvF7eq4c2xWha AMM ID: CZ5E9MwhozrRKB1hmaikjzo1HCghLR1hTmY Swap link: Upon completion of this, the trading interface will appear with a chart and to the left side you see a portal where you can set limit orders. Click on "liquidity" at the top of the screen above the charts and you'll be brought to a new tab. On this new tab, you see "Swap" and "Liquidity" Click on "Liquidity". Enter the amount of CODI and USDC you want to add to the pool.
Click "Enter an amount" Confirm transaction in your wallet. Your liquidity has been added.
To view your liquidity, scroll down, right below where you entered the liquidity.
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